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Five Biggest Myths About the Bartending ProfessionFeatured

There are many myths circulating the internet on the proper way to become a bartender. Many resources designed to help out and educate aspiring bartenders are often stating wrong information. Let’s discuss these misconceptions and clear the view about the bar tending profession.

I’ve received countless emails from aspiring bartenders who believe they can’t start applying for bar tending jobs due to what they have seen and read online. It never stops to surprise me just how many people are misguided by the many bartender myths out there.

Most of these myths are created and kept alive by bar tending schools offering bartender training courses. They are the ones who benefit from the confusion about the proper process of becoming a bartender. Just keep in mind that their main objective is to enroll people in their programs and to sell training material.

Am I saying all of these schools are bad? No, not at all. I am simply stating that your decision to go to a bartender school shouldn’t be based on the wrong reasons.

Many people apply for bar tending schools believing it is the only way to achieve their goal of becoming a bartender. My only goal is to convince you that it is your choice to go to a bar tending school, not a requirement.

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A Guide to Bar Supplies

If you run or own a bar or club, finding a source of bar supplies like Kellys Eye can help make bar keeping easier. From consumables like paper towels to the right glass washer, bar supplies are an integral part of day to day operations.


One of the problems with operating a bar is making sure that drink measures are consistent and fair for every customer while making sure as little of it is spilt or wasted as possible. Bottled wines and spirits are the primary areas for concern regarding wastage. For bottled drinks, using a curved or straight pourer makes it much more difficult to spill any liquid as the flow is smaller and more controlled. For spirits, Gaskell and Chambers produce a series of measuring devices which allow you to hand the bottle upside down with the device in the top of the bottle. The valve mechanism allows the exact measure of spirit to fill the device. This can then be dispensed using a lever which is actuated using the glass underneath. Using one of these, cheap and effective devices allow you to get shots of spirits to customers extremely quickly and with exact measurements.


A bar or club establishment requires a number of different consumable bar supplies to operate. Paper hand towels always need to be available so ensuring you have a dispenser which only allows one sheet to be removed at a time will help make the most of your supplies. Napkins also need to be kept in good supply if you are serving food. Straws and drink stirrers are another common fixture in bars and clubs which will be used at a consistent rate. Finding a good source of table consumables give your customers a lasting impression of your establishment as being well stocked.

Cleaning Chemicals

Bars and clubs require several types of cleaning chemicals to operate hygienically. Firstly ensuring all glass wear is kept in top condition is a major priority. Your customers will expect professionally cleaned glasses and the best way to do that is to use a professional glass washer. These machines thoroughly clean glass wear much quicker than a standard dishwasher but from time to time you may also find that treating glasses with a powder detergent will remove even residues left behind after routine cleaning.

Glass Storage

By making use of bottle skips and glass carriers you can make the collection of used glasses quicker and easier while reducing the risk of them being smashed.

Trays and Buckets

Drinks trays have a series of holes in the top which allow run off of drinks to be collected rather than spilt an alternative to these trays are beer cloths but either is relatively simple to keep clean. Cooler buckets for wines add a touch of class which all adds to the customer experience.

By making sure that your establishment is always well stocked with the above bar supplies you can make sure that your staff are well prepared for those times where demand is high and your bottled drinks are used as efficiently as possible. By meeting your customer’s expectations and providing a few things they perhaps were not expecting, they will be happy to come back in future.

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Restaurant And Pub Accessories

Owning a restaurant or pub business needs a lot of accessories. These accessories are vital because it gives the business an impression to their customers or visitors. A certain restaurant or pub business can be relaxing or enjoying depending on the design and accessories displayed. Other restaurant owners design their pub or restaurant in such a way that their customers will feel at ease. Aside from that they also make sure that the customer will feel that they are eating or drinking from their own home.

We need to make sure that the design is accommodating, friendly, and welcoming to the customer’s view. Some of the accessories that we can use include the bar signs, retail displays, cocktail fashions, bar novelties, smoking signs and accessories, package specials, home party products and services, kitchen, and dining area accessories. Other design and accessories include bar stools, server gear and trays, drink ware, beer and wine, bar equipments, bar supplies, bar tending tools, cocktail shakers, bottle openers, flair bottles, DVD’s, and even some picture frames and wall art decorations.

It is extremely vital for a certain business to have their personalized pub sign or personalized bar sign for uniqueness. Many people will remember a restaurant or a pub not only because of food or the drinks that they serve, but also the entirety of the ambiance. We should see to it that customers will feel comfortable all the time. In this regard, we should create a relaxing and serene environment for them. Aside from those personalized bar signs, there are also other things that can be personalized such as beer signs, billiard signs, dartboard signs, wine signs and many more.

Bar signs or pub signs are also necessary in such a way that customers will remember your business. Having the perfect accessory will also help their staff to perform well on their jobs. For example, if we have complete equipments and utensils in the kitchen alone, the chef will be able to finish their work in no time. Another example is that if we have all the bar tools and accessories, the bartender can do his job well.

Since we already know that having the perfect bar accessory can benefit the business immensely, it is advantageous on the part of the company to invest in quality pub accessories and other materials such as the bar sign. It is also necessary that we make a significant investment on those accessories. We need to choose those things that are durable just like metals or stainless steel.

Kellyseye has been in the field of personalized pub signs for a long time and maintains a website about bar signs where you can get answers to the rest of your questions.

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